What We Do

Morning Peak Media is a production company based in Southern California. Through attentive collaboration with clients and creating unique and dynamic visual media, we ensure that each piece of visual art will bring your specific story to life. Whether capturing your dream wedding, or putting together a vivid promo for your organization, we strive for quality in client service and visual media. We have been capturing memories and telling stories since 2013 and we love what we do!

Born and raised in So Cal...

Tiffany Castro

.... began her journey into filmmaking when she picked up a camcorder as a kid and discovered that she couldn't put it down. After graduating from Biola University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Cinema and Media Arts, where she directed numerous short films, Tiffany sought to bring what she learned into her work as a cinematographer and creator. She currently works as a freelancer in the Film Industry and has worked on numerous commercials, short films and features. Her career has led her to work in various locations across the world such as Israel and Japan. She loves the surprises and wonderful memories that are created in the world around her and loves to bring those stories to life through capturing them on camera.