Your Story...

Is part of who you are and it deserves to be told with an emphasis on what make you unique - not based on what the latest cookie cutter video trend is. Whether you are an artist looking to promote yourself, or need a video to help fundraise a cause that is near and dear to you, we strive to bring your story to life through media that is dynamic, professional, and personal.    


How it works...

We work hard to include our clients with step by step collaboration and personalized service.

  • Consultation meeting/ phone call to discuss your needs and how our services can help.
  • Up front estimate based off consultation meeting. No waiting for months and months on pricing.
  • Brain storm visuals and media suited for your project.
  • Set filming dates
  • Post Production : around 1 month, depending on the project
  • Final Cut sent to you in the format you'd like. Nothing will be finalized until it has your 100% satisfaction.